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Superior Insulation 

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that 25% of a homes heat loss is through the roof, 35% is through the walls and 25% is through air leakage or draughts so cavity wall and loft/roof insulation are two of the most effective energy efficiency measures anyone can install. 
Our spray foam insulation system can help to reduce this heat loss, reduce draughts so reducing your energy bills and making your home feel more comfortable. Because the foam expands into all areas, an airtight seal is created, preventing draughts. Our product is closed cell polyurethane foam which not only improves the thermal performance of domestic properties but can be used in areas exposed to wind driven rain. 


Your home is under constant attack! 

Your roof accounts for up to 40% of the total external surface of your home & is your first line of defence against the elements of nature. Constant attack comes from extremes of temperature, gale force winds, vibrations & exposure to ice, snow, rain, dirt, pollution & vermin. 

 It’s not long before serious problems start to show... 

Your roof is a fragile protector of your property, which is not as structurally strong as the foundations & walls of your home & realistically cannot be expected to last as long. 

Treat your roof now! 

No longer does roof renovation have to mean weeks of costly labour, scaffolding, dirt & disruption merely to provide you with a roof subject to the same problems you face today. 
Smart Insulations offers an alternative solution. If treated in time, your roof can be transformed by this cost effective alternative & using a product guaranteed for 25 years. 

Why invest in your roof? 

Smart Insulations rigid foam is amongst the most effective form of loft insulation available today, due to it’s 90% closed cell formulation. 
This means that you can save money on your heating bills & enjoy a more comfortable home that’s warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer. 

 The Smart Insulations Rigid Foam System 

The Smart Insulations system is applied to the underside of the tiles as a vaporised liquid at 40-50°C, setting in just 2 seconds. 
The foam treatment locks & bonds all the hundreds of tiles to each other & to the structural timbers, turning your roof into a single, solid & stronger structure. 
Your roof becomes sealed & is waterproof, draft proof & secure immediately after the treatment is applied. 
The Smart Insulations system has a 90% closed cell structure ensuring that timbers can continue to breathe once treated & has been certified as ‘Class 1’ fire retardant. 
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